Vic Dabao is a Filipino artist who, throughout his life, has experimented with nearly every art medium as well as creating some of his own. Vic started to love the arts at a very young age. He began with drawing and painting but also ventured into performing arts such as acting, singing and dancing. But it was the creative arts that truly led him to be the artist that he is today. His raw free-spirit and non-traditional techniques define him as a true outsider Artist.


Vic’s Vision:

To promote the Art and its Artist. To give them ideas, encourage them to learn to use their God-given talent. Promoting any type of art, music, film, craft and theatre. An artist studies all mediums and is not afraid to use it. To be creative, you have to experiment. Not just to paint but to know you’re not just a painter, but an artist.

Vic Dabao shares his knowledge about art and has been doing this for a long time now. He taught and supervised in every company he has worked for, and some of his students became professional artists having their own art shops and jobs in this field. They now open their mind and heart to be a better artist. Being creative is what it is all about and being unafraid to explore, and the truth that we are a part of this world. We aim to teach everybody and to let them appreciate art.

Aside his interest in art, he has had a career working in the film industry with many international directors and actors as a production designer.